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  • Extraordinary Touax project and extraordinary transportation over water

    A complete two-layered building of 25m x 7.5mx 7m, consisting out of 20 units, will be shipped to the harbor of Antwerp. 
  • Lack of Space?

    There is always an efficient modular solution for you!   
  • SCC** and ISO9001 certified

    Safety and quality are our priorities. This is not only a statement, we can prove it as well, we are SCC**- and ISO certified.
  • Green enterprising: Our waste 100% CO2 neutral

    Touax choses a green way of waste processing by joining the SITA Green Label Standard. They collect and process our waste 100%...
  • The biggest living camp in Europe

    For the last five years Touax has delivered to RWE, a complete living camp made of approximately  3 200 modules (over 55 000m²)....